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IP Issues for Mobile Apps, Video Games, and Beyond

1h 35m

Created on October 24, 2017




The mobile application space continues to explode and evolve. Mastering the arts of coding, marketing and social media aren't enough. Consider the thicket of legal issues and challenges facing mobile application development, such as:

  • What should every mobile app development agreement address?
  • Now that the app is built, how do you prevail upon Google, Apple, and Amazon to accept it for distribution?
  • How does an app developer best protect itself from legal liability to others?
  • How successfully have video game publishers asserted their exclusive IP rights against others?

Join Joshua Bressler, a practitioner in the mobile app trenches, for an in-depth look at the key IP issues facing mobile app and video game developers and owners.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and understand the key legal issues facing mobile app and video game developers
  2. Address trends affecting IP and other legal rights concerning mobile apps and video games
  3. Recognize how a mobile application developer's terms of service (TOS), application development agreement, and other tools can help protect the developer's assets and business interests
  4. Discuss intellectual property ownership, use and infringement principles as applied in the mobile app and video game spaces
  5. Gain insight on strategies to enhance enforcement of IP rights protecting mobile apps and video games

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