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Introduction to the Legal Representation of Asylum Seekers

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Produced on December 11, 2017

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Course Information

Time 1h 6m
Difficulty Beginner

Course Description

In 2017, asylum relief remains one of the most sought after immigration relief. This program will focus on effective representation for the thousands of people who come to the United States in desperate need of protection, whether because they have suffered persecution or fear that they will be harmed if they return to their home country. Viewers will gain valuable insight into representing asylum seekers before United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ Asylum Office and the Immigration Courts, as well as providing strategic representation for immigrants who have not filed asylum in a timely manner but fear they will be harmed based on their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.

The course, taught by Immigration attorney Shannon Laguerre-Maingrette, will address more advanced issues in asylum cases such as: protection under the convention against torture, bars to asylum, and gang and gender claims. She will guide viewers through a review of asylum law, ethical considerations in representing asylum seekers and valuable practice tips.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the underlying bases for different kinds of asylum petitions
  2. Discuss best practices in representing asylum seekers at the USCIS Asylum Office and Immigration Courts
  3. Survey bars to asylum and unusual types of claims

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Shannon Laguerre-Maingrette

Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein, P.C.

Attorney, Shannon LaGuerre-Maingrette has made this quote her life mantra. This philosophy of doing great things is heavily embedded at the very heart and soul of her career as an immigration attorney.

Shannon has committed her life to ensuring that those who are underrepresented in this country are advocated for. She understood the importance of this and at Syracuse University, her alma mater, she founded and later became the President of College Democrats. She continued her passion to fight for the rights of others by becoming the Director of Young Voter Programs at the New York State Democratic Committee where she worked on presidential and congressional campaigns. Her political career continued at the Florida House of Representatives where she would become the lead researcher and writer of numerous bills. In particular, she researched and drafted an initial bill that established the trafficking of people into sexual slavery as a state crime and revised the RICO laws to include sex trafficking. This bill was later codified as Florida Statute § 796.035.

While Shannon was in law school, she developed a love and passion for litigation. She took a clinic in Child Advocacy and based on her exceptional courtroom skills, she was asked to continue the case even though the semester was complete. After law school graduation, Shannon left New York and was one of the attorneys to work with the thousands of boat people fleeing persecution from Haiti, Cuba and China. Shannon would conduct Know Your Rights Presentations at numerous detention centers where she advised inmates and detainees of their immigration rights. Shannon would go on to successfully represent many of these asylum seekers in Immigration Court. Shannon had an unprecedented number of victories in what was seen by many of her colleagues as “loser” cases at her previous job. Shannon conducted numerous Continuing Legal Education courses on Asylum, Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act and Courtroom Techniques and was a featured speaker on numerous radio shows in Florida.

At Spar and Bernstein, Shannon continues her goal of making this world a better place by standing up to protect immigrants who are oppressed. She currently specializes in asylum, withholding and convention against torture cases, criminal and fraud waivers, deportation defense and federal court litigation. She has had an impressive record of winning complex legal cases at Spar and Bernstein. Shannon’s career has been defined by successfully and zealously representing immigrants with empathy, expertise, integrity and wisdom.


Debra H.

Excellent presentation. A difficult specialty made understandable. Thanks

Richard T.

Wow! What a great, highly informative and well-presented seminar. The speaker is obviously extremely knowledgeable on this subject and conveyed an abundance of useful information. I definitely would rate this as a 5-star presentation.

Peter F.

Thorough, thoughtful and informative. Thank you

Barbara M.

Very informative.

Joyce L.

Presenter was really well-prepared, did an exceptional job of explaining the current status of the law, and made it real with her real-life examples.

Louisa F.

Great course. Excellent information, well presented, good case examples used to illustrate.

Ekta D.

Wonderful! Very informative and nice examples to keep it from being too dry.

Rachel H.

Extremely well done and helpful.

J Thomas S.

Excellent presentation. All "meat". Great presence and use of the medium by the presenter. I will be reviewing this course many times.

Michael D.

Excellent presentation considering the time frame.

Jane P.

Excellent speaker! Thorough, easy to follow, and interesting!


Excellent instructor.

Susan F.

Great detail in this helpful presentation. Thank you!

Eugene V D.

good course

Lori B.

By far the best CLE class I have taken. Filled with useful information which was presented in a thoughtful and professional manner. So helpful!

Christopher B.

Best course so far very informative.

Joe P.

thank you

Misha W.

Instructor covered the basics of asylum practice in a clear cut manner. Easy to follow with good insights on filing a successful asylum application.

Robyn R.

Excellent presentation of material.

Eric M.

This was a great program.

Christ S.

The lecturer was clear and knowledgeable

Jon G.

Very well done.

Dean G.

Excellent presentation with very practical advice.

Florence M.

This topic is not my area of practice but the presentation was fascinating and extremely well done. I learned a lot!

Amy F.

She was excellent!!

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