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Introduction to the Collaborative Practice Methods of Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution

1h 30m

Created on September 26, 2017




This CLE will introduce attorneys and other legal professionals to the mediation and collaborative practice methods of problem-solving and conflict resolution for family and other civil matters. 

Our panel of speakers - comprised of experienced mediators and collaborative attorneys Teresa Calabrese, Andrea Hirshman, and Joy Rosenthal - will focus on the principles and skills common to both methods. They will begin with an overview of mediation, which also forms the foundation for collaborative practice. They will discuss the roles of professionals in each method of practice, and the manner in which professionals work together to help the parties create solutions that benefit everyone involved. 

In addition, the panel will outline how each process works and will illustrate effective tools and techniques through a "fishbowl" demonstration to further the participants understanding of each practice. 

This CLE will challenge practitioners to think outside the litigation box and consider what advocacy and neutrality mean in the mediation and collaborative arenas. This overview will encourage attorneys to explore mediation and collaborative practice further and consider offering clients alternate ways of resolving conflict. The panel will provide participants with information about training opportunities so they can further their understanding of each practice and increase their toolbox options.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an overview of the mediation process, which is the foundation of collaborative practice
  2. Understand the roles of professionals in both the mediation and collaborative practices
  3. Develop best practices and techniques that will help you to devise effective solutions in the collaborative arena
  4. Review what advocacy and neutrality means in the mediation and collaboration contexts
  5. Acquire information about further training opportunities that will allow you to improve your collaborative skills

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