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Introduction to Insurance Regulatory and Licensing Issues


Created on May 01, 2017




Join Eric Biderman, Counsel with Arent Fox, for a discussion of key insurance regulatory and licensing issues.

The laws and regulations behind insurance licensing and oversight can often be ignored, forgotten, or treated as a mere formality. However, insurance licensing and regulation is a detailed and often complex area of the law that can be fraught with proverbial landmines for the unwary. In this program, Biderman will provide an overview of the key legal issues related to insurance licensing and regulation both in the present and in the future. He will outline the unique interplay between state and federal regulation in the field of insurance. The program will also help you develop an understanding of the significant licensing requirements of the various players in the insurance marketplace. Additionally, the program will cover the significant regulatory requirements concerning the financial condition of insurance companies, rates, and policy forms and commissions, and the reasons behind these regulations. Finally, this course will address the new frontier of insurance regulatory compliance – compliance with cybersecurity regulations – by examining the ground-breaking cybersecurity regulations developed by New York State's insurance regulator that are sure to serve as a blueprint for other insurance regulators across the United States. 

Learning Objectives:
  1. Gain a general overview of the manner in which insurance is regulated in the United States on both a state and federal level
  2. Summarize and understand the licensing requirements that must be met by parties involved in the transaction of insurance
  3. Identify different manners in which insurance may be provided and the structures that entities employ to provide insurance
  4. Explore some of the complex regulatory requirements that insurance companies, agents and brokers must meet upon being licensed
  5. Develop an understanding of new cybersecurity regulations that will likely prove to be a significant regulatory requirement that insurance companies, brokers, agents, and similar parties will have to deal with in the future 

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