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Introduction to Employment Related Immigration

1h 2m

Created on March 18, 2019




Of the many ways to acquire entry into the United States, one of the largest categories is employment-related visas, which may be obtained for temporary work, or permanent residence sponsored by a qualifying business. Although the major news about changes to immigration policy under the current administration has centered on asylum seekers and undocumented minors, there have been major implications that employers must understand as well.

This program will cover the different kinds of employment-related immigration petitions, and the considerations that businesses must understand when seeking to employ immigrants and/or bring new workers into the country.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Introduce various employment based visas, forms, and requirements
  2. Review immigrant and non-immigrant visa types
  3. Articulate different visa caps, changing administration policies, and the impact on your petition
  4. Gain Department of Labor approval and Labor Certification for your clients

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