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Intake & Case Selection in Police Misconduct Cases


Created on March 22, 2021





In almost every arrest situation, someone - the detainee or their family - feels aggrieved by police. This frequently results in a call to an attorney, both to vent their anger at the situation, and to explore their options for a police misconduct lawsuit based on false arrest, excessive force, or both. What should attorneys be looking for during this initial call?

In this program, David Zelman will help attorneys handle that first conversation, identify the most important questions to ask, analyze the information they are provided, and decide whether a further consultation with the potential client is worthwhile. Attorneys will learn how to evaluate the potential outcome of the case, including the potential settlement value or trial verdict. The program will also discuss how to handle the common request to defend the client in their criminal case as well as representing them in the civil rights lawsuit

This program will benefit people who are new to police misconduct litigation, but will also provide a fresh perspective for attorneys with an existing police misconduct practice. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the issues that will define any police misconduct case and incorporate them into your intake process
  2. Evaluate the legal issues in the case and make an assessment of the potential value and outcome 
  3. Weigh the pros or cons of a prospective case in order to decide whether to accept or decline representation
  4. Frame your case to maximize the potential for success

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