Insurance Recovery in the Face of Natural Disasters

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Produced on: May 22, 2018

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For businesses in the path of the storm, maximizing insurance recovery requires assessing not only physical damage to their property but also income losses stemming from flooded and blocked roads and bridges, interrupted shipping and air transport, evacuations, and closures by civil authority. Beyond the area of immediate impact, businesses suffering from supply chain disruptions should look to their property insurance policies for contingent business interruption coverage, triggered when policyholders do not themselves suffer physical damage but still lose revenue after a property loss sidelines a major supplier or customer.

Join Anderson Kill’s Marshall Gilinsky and Ronald J. Papa as they explore the role of insurance and the hurdles to recovery in times of natural disaster.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Detail the triggers of time-element coverage
  2. Identify the full range of losses that affected businesses need to document
  3. Address the nuances of policy language that may become bones of contention
  4. Develop techniques for ensuring that the insurance company fulfills its obligations during the claims process


Marshall Gilinsky

Anderson Kill P.C.

Marshall Gilinsky is a shareholder in the New York office of Anderson Kill and practices in the firm’s Insurance Recovery and Commercial Litigation Departments.  He is also a member of the firm's Regulated Products group.  During his 20-year career representing policyholders, Mr. Gilinsky has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients, successfully litigating disputed claims under a variety of insurance products, including property and business interruption insurance, commercial general liability (CGL) insurance, errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, directors' and officers' (D&O) insurance and life insurance.  Mr. Gilinsky has represented clients on numerous high-stakes, complex insurance claims arising out of prominent losses such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy and the “Big Dig” in Boston.

Mr. Gilinsky also focuses extensively on assisting clients that own and manage captive insurance companies, especially with respect to resolving coverage disputes between the captive and its reinsurers.

Mr. Gilinsky’s success in solving clients' problems stems from his ability to understand their businesses – as well as their insurance programs – in order to maximize the value of the clients’ insurance assets.  He frequently writes and lectures on a variety of topics of interest to professionals and practitioners in the insurance arena, and is frequently quoted in the press, including appearances in the New York TimesWall Street Journal, National Law Review, and Business Insurance, among others.

Mr. Gilinsky is a member of Anderson Kill's Banking and Lending Group, Hospitality Industry Practice Group and Regulated Products Group. 

Ronald J. Papa

National Fire Adjustment Co., Inc.

Mr. Papa is the President and Chief Executive Officer of National Fire Adjustment Co., Inc.; one of the nation’s largest licensed public adjusting and loss-consulting firms. Over the last 26 years, Mr. Papa has been involved in the adjustment of thousands property and related business income losses. He has assisted numerous clients in a variety of industries in the preparation, support and settlement of their claims. He has participated in disaster recovery operations as a result of several large catastrophes – One of which Mr. Papa settled for over $100 million.

  • Certified as a Senior Professional Public Adjuster (SPPA) (there are only 85 SPPA’s) by the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA), and under the auspices of the University of Iowa, Mr. Papa is a past president and chairman of the Association. He currently serves on NAPIA’s Board of Directors-a seat he has held since in 1982. In 1996 Mr. Papa was named “Person of the Year” by NAPIA’s past presidents for “outstanding efforts of professionalism and for building a positive image of the public adjustment profession.
  • Mr. Papa is a member of the New York and Pennsylvania Public Adjuster Associations, the North Carolina Association of Property Loss Consultants and the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.
  • Mr. Papa is a licensed Public Adjuster in 11 states and the Province of Ontario.
  • In 1976, Mr. Papa was qualified by the Supreme Court of Monroe County, New York as an expert in his field.
  • Mr. Papa is an author of technical articles that have been published in numerous industry publications. His works have been included in the Government Risk Management Manual – the handbook of government risk managers throughout the United States and in Canada – Contingency Planning & Management, Disaster Recovery Journal, as well as in Adjusting Today, an international newsletter written from claims perspective, among others.
  • Mr. Papa is approved by the New York State Insurance Department as an Instructor in the Continuing Education Program. He is qualified to teach Continuing Educational Courses to licenses of the New York Insurance Department. He has given several lectures and conducted seminars for various organizations including the Institute of Continuing Education for the New York State College system.

Mr. Papa is a graduate of Niagara University.


Laura S.

interesting insurance recovery anecdotes/examples make this presentation move along nicely

William S.

one of the best I have done on law line

Richard C.

Superb program, with a wealth of good tips for understanding and evaluating insurance policies and claims. Thank you.

Kenneth R.

Knowledgable and effective non-lawyer panelist.

holly m.

i like the format where the presentation is like a chat. easy to digest.

Kenneth R.

Great program!

jerry s.

very helpful!Good job!

Mark P.


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