An Update to "What Makes D&O Liability Insurance Unique?"

Production Date: May 27, 2015 Practice Areas: Insurance Law Estimated Length: 5449 minutes


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D&O insurance is widely held by almost every public corporation, as well as by many private and not-for-profit corporations. It is not well-understood by lawyers and differs significantly from more familiar policies such as commercial general liability (CGL) insurance and property coverage. Despite being broadly written as a type of all-risk policy, it excludes the core coverage of a CGL policy – bodily injury, damage to tangible property and sometimes personal injury torts.


This lecture presented by Rivkin Radler partner Joseph Monteleone along with Ty Sagalow of Innovation Insurance Group focuses on the key features of the D&O policy and practical suggestions as to working with the insurers in the defense and resolution of claims under the policy.  Important case law from New York, New Jersey, and other key jurisdictions are noted.


Learning Objectives     

I.      Understand the basic insuring agreements under the policy

II.     Comprehend the absence of a duty to defend and defense costs included within limits of liability

III.    Grasp Side A only forms and corporate indemnification issues

IV.    Gain familiarity with the concept of Notice of Circumstances

V.     Examine bankruptcy implications

VI.    Explore settlement issues

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