Incoming! Global Tariffs, Restrictions and Freight: Effect on the Fashion Supply Chain

Production Date: November 25, 2014 Practice Areas: Sports & Entertainment Law, International Law, Business, Corporate, & Securities Law, and Fashion Law Estimated Length: 3624 minutes


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Consumers enjoy many fashion products that are produced globally and imported into the United States.   Lawyers representing fashion brands have a unique understanding of how difficult it can be to get products safely to the U.S. and consumer-ready. A slight variation from the rules of law or country cultures and the product will be denied entry.  Other deviations may be fixable but come at a great cost. Before consummating the next transaction, attorneys should be aware of CITES, labeling rules and tariffs. In addition, if there is no careful preparation for the shipment’s arrival, any financial loss incurred may not be readily passed on to the consumer.  Moreover, depending on a company’s sale cycle, the window of financial opportunity may be lost if things go awry and/or a shipment is delayed.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Recognize the initial considerations for a company wishing to import fashion to the US

II.   Know which countries are the most challenging to accept goods from

III.  Comprehend CITES and the importance thereof

IV.  Understand proper labeling 


Program Attorney: Sigalle Barness

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