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Immigration for the Family Practitioner 2015 Update


Created on April 24, 2015



Immigration issues often directly impact family and matrimonial law practitioners.   These issues can be problematic at both the pre- and post-marriage junctures.  In this program, attorney Stuart Reich provides a 2015 update to his previous course.  


Here, Mr. Reich will discuss situations where family law and immigration law interplay and certain issues that may influence how a family lawyer would advise a client, including both a US citizen spouse and a foreign national spouse.  Mr. Reich also presents timing issues concerning both family law proceedings and immigration status, discussing how these issues should affect the advice given by the attorney. 


Learning Objectives: 

I.     Recognize pre-marriage immigration considerations

II.    Spot post-marriage considerations 

III.   Comprehend how to handle the immigration case and process

IV.   Grasp the financial ramifications of the Affidavit of Support and the longevity of financial support responsibility

V.    Understand the meaning of "permanent residence" and its importance

VI.   Approach separation and divorce issues through the lens of a foreign national spouse‚Äôs immigration status

VII.  Identify immigration issues in situations involving children 

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