Illinois Criminal Evidentiary Rules: Scope, Relevance & Prejudice

Production Date: April 14, 2014 Practice Areas: Litigation Estimated Length: 3616 minutes


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Illinois has finally adopted formal rules of evidence. Despite the declared intentions of the drafters, these rules do not fully harmonize with Illinois’ common law of evidence and the ad hoc modifications of those rules enacted by the legislature over the years. In Part 1 of his 7-part series entitled "Old Wine in a New Bottle: Illinois Law of Evidence and New Rules of Evidence for Criminal Defense," attorney Stephen L. Richards discusses the rules and case law governing scope, relevance, and prejudice. 


Learning Objectives: 

I. Grasp the various sources of Illinois Evidentiary Law including: 

  • Common Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Legislative Law
  • The Crawford-Counter Revolution
  • The Illinois Rules of Evidence
Terry K.
Galena, IL

I thought the speaker was well versed on the subject.

Donald G.
Shorwood, IL

He definitely has a good command of the case law.

Steve G.
East Alton, IL

Thank Mr. Richards for sharing his expertise. :)

Elisa D.
Chicago, IL

Excellent presentation.