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How to Start Your New Law Firm: Planning and Execution in the First 14 Days

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Created on August 13, 2020




This series, produced in partnership with Steve Freztin, will help any attorney looking to strike out on their launch firm - specifically in the first two weeks. Freztin will help you identify your operational needs, create an initial business plan, and develop and nurture the most important relationships to help establish and grow your new practice.  


  1. How to Develop a Winning Attitude: Create Positive Habits From the Jump
  2. How to Identify Your Initial Operational Needs and Key Vendors to Support Them 
  3. How to Create Your Business Plan 
  4. Build a Successful Prospecting Plan with These Three Key Components
  5. How to Establish Your Online Marketing, From Email to Social Media Profiles
  6. How to Budget for and Create an Effective Website Based on Your Firm's Goals 
  7. How to Sift Through Overwhelming Marketing Options and Implement the Best Ones for Your Firm 
  8. Apply These Three Key Strategies to Improve Your Communication Skills and Build Long-Term Relationships
  9. How to Create the Perfect Infomercial - and Why You Need One 
  10. How to Design a "Game-Plan" to Get Results in Your One-on-One Meetings
  11. How to Establish a Process for In-Person and Online Networking
  12. Don't Be Afraid to Make the Ask: How to Use Effective Language to Make Introductions Within Your Existing Networks 

About Steve Fretzin:

In addition to writing three books on legal marketing and business development, Steve has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Crain's and Entrepreneur.com. He has appeared on NBC News, WGN Radio and has written articles for Attorney at Law Magazine, the National Law Review, the American Bar Association, and the Illinois State Bar Association. You can also find his monthly column in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

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