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How to Prepare and Succeed in Using Expert Testimony in ADR

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Created on January 14, 2020




This course will explore the use and preparatory steps of expert witnesses in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) matters. The program will cover the differences in the use of an expert in mediation, as contrasted with arbitration, whether the Daubert rules apply in arbitrations, and what discovery of expert witnesses is available in arbitrations. 

In addition the program will walk practitioners through best practices for deploying experts in ADR proceedings, when and whether it makes sense to insist upon depositions of an expert, and how to find a suitable expert for use. Finally, the course will provide viewers with the necessary skills to appropriately cross-examine an expert witness in an ADR proceeding.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss when it is advantageous to use expert witnesses in ADR
  2. Review the evidentiary rules for expert testimony in ADR
  3. Confidently cross-examine experts in the ADR setting

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