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How to Ethically Represent LGBTQ+ Clients from a Cultural Competency and Humility Perspective

1h 33m

Created on June 10, 2021





Over the past two decades, we have witnessed incredible advancements in legal protections for LGBTQ+ people, including marriage equality and laws prohibiting gender discrimination in the employment space. However, there are still unique struggles and legal challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, and attorneys representing LGBTQ+ clients or families must be cognizant of these issues as they confront various legal frameworks and challenges that can undermine their client's rights. This program, taught by a panel of attorneys on the front lines of LGBTQ+ law practice, will equip attorneys with the knowledge and skills to ethically, respectfully, and successfully advocate on behalf of and for LGBTQ+ clients.

This course will benefit attorneys working with LGBTQ+ clients in any practice area.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss concepts and appropriate terminology related to gender identity and gender expression to effectively interact with and represent LGBTQ+ clients
  2. Review what gender identity and gender expression mean, and how these aspects intersect with and differ from sexual orientation and other aspects of a client's identity
  3. Assess and clarify assumptions, misperceptions, and cultural messages regarding LGBTQ+ people and how LGBTQ+ people encounter bias and discrimination in various ways
  4. Identify potential legal vulnerabilities for LGBTQ+ clients
  5. Analyze how rules governing professional responsibility relate to the ethical representation of LGBTQ+ clients

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