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How to Craft A Global Social Media Policy

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Produced on October 15, 2019

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Course Information

Time 62 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

Social media has transformed society, and that includes interactions between employers and employees, interactions among co-workers, and staff interactions with the outside world. No organization can predict when its next employee —or its latest ex-employee—will “go viral” with a post linking the company to controversial political positions, criticizing the business on an internet review site, chat room or blog, taunting a supervisor, harassing a subordinate, spreading rumors or lies about the brand, disparaging company products, leaking trade secrets, or haplessly touting company products in a way that violates advertising laws.

In today’s social media environment, multinationals need a harmonized global approach regarding employee social media activity, but multi-jurisdictional legal challenges arise whenever a multinational employer crafts, launches, implements, and enforces a social media policy across its worldwide operations. Global social media policy projects can get complex because they must comply with inconsistent laws worldwide. This session offers practical strategies and how-to guidance for crafting or updating a workable cross-jurisdictional social media policy.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify when or whether a single global approach to an employee social media policy is appropriate to apply across a multinational’s global operations
  2. Explore how to account for U.S. domestic labor law restrictions in a global social media policy
  3. Discuss off-duty social media activity, including off-site and on employees’ own tech equipment, in a global social media policy
  4. Examine what topics a global social media policy should cover
  5. Recognize what logistical steps are necessary to launch an enforceable social media policy worldwide

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Donald C. Dowling has extensive experience advising U.S.-based companies on outbound international labor and employment laws. Don provides counsel on a wide variety of global employment law matters, including codes of conduct and HR policies that guide operations in multiple jurisdictions, international compensation and benefits issues, whistleblower hotlines, and cross-border internal investigations and HR compliance audits. He regularly advises clients on employment matters that arise with international restructurings, reductions in force, mergers, acquisitions, and outsourcing. Additionally, Don helps clients properly engage independent contractors overseas, manage expatriate programs, and develop employment agreements and employee handbooks.

Earlier in his career, Don served as in-house international employment counsel for a Fortune 500 company in Paris and as an employment law consultant for a global consulting firm. He has delivered hundreds of presentations on international employment law issues in English and Spanish in countries around the world, and regularly publishes articles and teaches courses on a variety of global employment law topics.


rosanne m.

fantastic. practical. global expert-he knows his stuff - in detail.

Amanda K.

This CLE made me feel bad for employees, not employers. But, great CLE to get to know your rights.

Anjanette B.

Very practical tips. Appreciated applicable of material and energy of the speaker.

Maryam S.

Excellent and informative presentation. Thank you.

Sean D.

Thanks! Very good program.

Richard P.

He did a very good job.

Kathleen K.

Thank you! Very informative.

Erin M.

Interesting program

Lauren W.

The instructor was excellent!

Jennifer L.

Thank you for this excellent and most interesting CLE which covered a lot of ground. Supplementary materials very much appreciated.

Tshombe S.

An excellent MCLE offering.

Saundra R.

Slides were helpful; look forward to reading the supplement/article.

Robin L.

Eye opening course on social media use and policies.

Alexa S.

Thanks so much for this great CLE! I had never fully understood how the NLRB decisions about social media apply to non-union companies. I do now!

Dina D.

interesting material. Timely

Sandra G.

Very good presentation of a very tough subject.

Luis L.

Excellent quality video and very relevant.

David H.

Really informative!

Jason R.

Great presenter

Jeannette C.

Thank you.

Robert H.

Great overview.

Stacy S.

I like that he gave us contact info to answer questions at the end.

Seth M.

This is the 1st time I have used lawline for CLE and the interface was great!

Joanna T.


Melissa L.

This program was fantastic! Def recommending to colleagues serving as in-house counsel and in HR... A+++

Erica P.

I didn't expect this course to teach what I learned, but it was informative and interesting.

Rachel S.

This instructor clearly knew a ton about the topic!

April D.

Great topic!

Neil L.

Great course!

S D.

Fantastic presenter, many thanks! Substantive, thorough, and an enjoyable course!

Kay B.


Blanche S.

The presenter was very easy to follow.

Vivian P.

Well done.

James A.

Clear and well-organized.

Nancy P.

very current topic. speaker was knowledgeable and easy to listen to.

John S.

Well prepared and knows his subject very well.

Jeff A.

Interesting topic; suggestions were practical and useful. thanks!

Kate C.

Interesting topic and speaker was very informative.

Jonathon J.

Excellent presentation.

Jyme M.

He did an outstanding job integrating other countries into U.S. policies.

Leland S.


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