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Data Brokers – How Our Personal Information is Collected, Bought, and Sold

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Created on August 23, 2021





This program focuses on the collection, organization, sharing, and sale of personal information, and those who profit from the dissemination of personal information. Joe Dehner, of Frost Brown Todd, LLC, discusses how this profusion of personal information earns revenue for business, is both convenient and intrusive for individuals, and changes the meaning of privacy. He explains how governments – national, state, and local – both facilitate and restrict personal information gathering and disbursement.

This program serves as a primer for general counsel, business lawyers, and dispute resolution attorneys who increasingly encounter privacy issues in their practice. It will provide an enriched understanding of data brokerage for counsel who advises businesses on privacy policies and procedures and deal with compliance, breach prevention, and incident response.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how personal information is collected and monetized by businesses

  2. Identify the legal and regulatory restrictions currently in place that address individual privacy, as well as the evolution of these restrictions

  3. Discuss the positive reasons for, and the dark side of, personal information proliferation

  4. Learn practical steps a business can take to comply with existing rules, limit risk, and avoid reputational loss

  5. Consider how to avoid emerging challenges and adapt business models, policies, and practices

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