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Happiness, Success, and Professionalism: 5 Things Every Attorney Should Know

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Produced on April 29, 2015

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Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

Harlan York - attorney, Lawline faculty, and author of the brand new critically acclaimed book "Three Degrees of Law," - explores the various considerations attorneys face in the practice of law.


This program provides attorneys with the tools needed to find success and happiness in the law and ultimately become a better practitioner. Whether you are a new lawyer, mid-career, or a veteran practitioner, the long hours and grueling work can wear down any person. Harlan will reveal how having a legal mind comes with certain talents that can be applied to positively assist in raising happiness, success and professionalism.


Happiness, Success and Professionalism in the Law: 5 Things Every Practitioner Should Know presents five main ideas that can be gained from a legal education and how those concepts can and should be applied to every facet of a licensed attorney’s life. It explores the important rules of professional conduct associated with those concepts, and discusses daily ways to practice better.


Harlan examines the ways that enthusiasm and devotion to one area can help attorneys continue to practice ethically, resulting in not only a more professional approach, but a more satisfying one. Finally, Mr. York explains the ways that gender bias in the workplace have affected the legal profession and the means with which each practitioner can ensure employee fairness, regardless of gender.


Learning Objectives

I.     Examine the application of a legal education outside of the context of the traditional role of a "lawyer"

II.    Discuss the benefits of concentrating in one practice area, as well as the ethical ramifications of general practice

III.   Understand the value of enthusiasm and attitude in practicing ethically

IV.   Evaluate how attorneys can move past daily successes and failures by thinking of the holistic goals of a firm to ensure that all cases are handled ethically while preventing attorneys from becoming overwhelmed or feeling defeated

V.    Consider  the importance of overcoming gender bias in the legal profession and how to defeat such bias to foster a positive work environment in your practice


Credit Information

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Harlan York

Harlan York and Associates

The First Ever Attorney in New Jersey to win “Immigration Lawyer of the Year” from Best Lawyers and author of the brand new critically acclaimed book "Three Degrees of Law," Harlan York is Former Immigration Chair of the NJ State Bar Association and Former Co-Chair, NY State Bar Association CFLS Committee on Immigration. He currently serves on the American Immigration Lawyers Association National Practice Management Committee.

Mr. York has appeared on National Television on CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose and Primer Impacto on Univision, as well as speaking on a host of immigration issues on Telemundo, NBC, and PBS.

In his nearly two decades exclusively practicing immigration law, Mr. York notes among his most memorable cases:

  • Arguing that immigrants with crimes should be allowed to remain in the U.S. upon proving rehabilitation and hardship to their American spouses and children
  • Countless successful appeals before federal and administrative courts on issues regarding waivers of removal and political asylum
  • Preparing applications for companies sponsoring immigrants in industries ranging from restaurants to construction to agriculture, to academic institutions and research labs
  • Representation of high level athletes, artists and entertainers including winners of Emmys, Grammys and Olympic Medals
  • Winning deportation cases for immigrants whose children have special needs
  • Assisting victims of violence who suffered at the hands of both foreign and domestic aggressors

He frequently lectures on Immigration Law, including at Columbia, New York and Rutgers Law Schools. He is a well-known speaker at events sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Foundation and Federal Bar Association. Mr. York was also a Judge at the American Mock Trial Tournament at Yale University. 

Mr. York has also provided expert opinions to plaintiffs’ and defendants’ attorneys in civil matters as well as counsel to federal and state criminal defense lawyers, in cases relating to immigration, including the recent “Real Housewives of New Jersey” matter.

His chapter on Immigration Law Enforcement: Collaboration and Authority appears in the 2014 Thomson Reuters/Aspatore book, New Developments in Immigration Enforcement and Compliance: Leading Lawyers on Navigating Trends in Immigration Law (Inside the Minds).

Mr. York moderates annual panels for the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, on the topics of “Protecting Immigrant Victims of Violence ” and “Immigration and Crime.”

A graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall, the State University of New York at Albany and the Tulane Law School, Mr. York is fluent in Spanish. He is admitted in many jurisdictions including the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. York has coached youth soccer for many years and is a Certified Women’s Self-Defense Instructor.

Harlan York regularly posts relevant news and information about trending immigration law topics onhis immigration law blog.


Twitter: @HYorkLaw




Lisabeth O.

Hands down THE BEST course I have taken on Lawline so far. Thank you for teaching it and thank you, Lawline, for offering it.

Angelina A.

Excellent topic for a CLE! Thank you.

William H.

Well done program on the big-picture career issues for lawyers. I enjoyed the program.

Desiree R.

These are wise invaluable presentation that presents a solid foundation for holistic career thinking. Outstanding presentation!

Steven W.


Louise B.

great program

Anthony D.

The instructor did an outstanding job in communicating the material for this course.

Sylvia K.

Very enjoyable presentation

Happy M.

This was very helpful I'm crabby today! This fixed my crabbiness

Bruce N.

A very good perspectives

Deborah W.

Dynamic presentation on a subject that is sensitive. Dissatisfaction is prevalent among lawyers but seldom really addressed.

Francine C.

Inspirational and interesting

Brad K.

Really speaks to anyone with a J.D. and/or license who is at a crossroads with where to go with their career (legal or otherwise).

Becky F.

I am going to read his book for further insight I think the course is good for both beginning lawyers, as well as lawyers with many years experience.

John E.

Outstanding course . . .great and enthusiastic presenter, and quite insightful. Outstanding!

David B.

Mr. York is an excellent speaker with an obvious commitment to principles and professional guidelines.

Michelle K.

enjoyable and worthwhile

Bryan L.

Valuable information

Kristin L.

I think this course could've actually been longer - the information was interesting and really got you thinking. More could have been discussed regarding practical ideas for how to use a law degree in a non-traditional way. Great course!

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