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H-1B Visa Compliance Issues: Public Access File Maintenance & Audit

1h 2m

Created on June 13, 2019




This program provides an overview of current H-1B Visa Compliance Issues. Join attorneys Jennifer Hermansky and Nataliya Rymer as they address issues such as employers' regulatory obligations surrounding H-1B visa petition filings, public access file maintenance and retention, conducting related audits and developing best practice procedures, and preparation for government audits and worksite enforcement actions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Address regulatory requirements regarding Labor Condition Application posting and preparation and public access file maintenance and retention
  2. Identify issues in connection with government audits of H-1B employers and related public access files
  3. Break down similar visa types requiring public access file maintenance
  4. Appreciate employer obligations regarding payment of legal fees, wages, etc., in the context of H-1B visas
  5. Conduct self-audits

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