Guidelines for Using Music, Video, and Creative Content

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Produced on: February 15, 2018

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Time 93 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Your CEO wants to show at the Company AGM a funny video of her son and daughter performing the popular 2012 hit song “Hero.” Is this okay? Sign-up for this seminar and equip yourself to guide clients through this and other common situations involving the use of creative content.

In this lively program, presented by IP attorneys Dermot Horgan, Christopher Lay, and Jeannine Rittenhouse, attorneys will learn about the rights in music, video and related content. Through the use of case studies and examples, attendees will explore the permissions necessary and the pitfalls involved in using such works in commercial and in other public settings.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Distinguish what is and is not a copyright
  2. Examine the rights of copyright owners
  3. Identify permissions required to use copyrighted works
  4. Recognize fair use issues
  5. Spot potential defenses
  6. Discuss the steps necessary to enforce copyrights and to claim statutory damages


Jeannine Rittenhouse

IpHorgan Ltd.

Jeannine Rittenhouse counsels clients ranging from small businesses to multinational Fortune 500 corporations on the searching and clearance of new brands worldwide and on the maintenance, prosecution, protection, and enforcement of their global trademark and domain portfolios. She has represented clients in trademark oppositions and cancellations in multiple jurisdictions and has substantial experience in copyright prosecution, enforcement, and licensing matters. In addition, Jeannine counsels clients on trade identity, domain name, and unfair competition issues. She has frequently lectured and provided continuing legal education on intellectual property issues including copyright law, licensing, and intellectual property due diligence.

Dermot Horgan

IpHorgan Ltd.

Dermot Horgan assists clients with implementing and managing programs to protect their intellectual property rights. His knowledge of trademark, trade dress, trade identity, trade secret, and copyright law is deep. His skill-set extends to U.S. and international practice. Dermot is a frequent speaker on intellectual property issues: recent topics include The Law of Music and Video Licensing, and Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions.

Christopher Lay

IpHorgan Ltd.

Christopher B. Lay represents multinational corporations in trademark opposition, cancellation, and infringement, copyright infringement, medical device patent infringement, and related litigation matters. He has represented clients in trade secret, class action, and civil rights cases, including a recent appeal in which he obtained reversal and remand for a client whom he represented before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. In addition, Chris regularly counsels clients on trademark, copyright, and other transactional matters. He has taught the Intellectual Property section of legal writing at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.


Joel M.

Very well done!

Michael B.

One of the best CLEs I've ever watched.

Douglas B.

Excellent presentation!

M Margaret B.

That was great fun!

Debra H.

Great presenters, very knowledgeable and entertaining.

Rachel G.

Very well organized and good use of a panel of presenters

Renee C.

Presenters were awesome. I loved the hypotheticals and the examples from case law. These are all tricky scenarios and they did a great job of analyzing and clarifying how copyright law would be applied and, if necessary, what type of licenses would be necessary. This presentation really kept me engaged.

Cassandra S.

great hypos!

Melissa W.

Exceptionally thorough intro to the subject. Especially appreciated that the entire class was focused around examples and scenario quizzes.

Kenneth F.

Solid presentation. The trio presented interesting cases, made the content a breeze to follow. Thanks!

Laurence H.

This was a very informative, well-researched and presented, program, taught by professionals obviously extremely knowledgable about the subject, who shared their expertise in a very engaging and authoritative way.

Tara D.

Excellent presenters thank you

Ann T.

This was a great seminar!!!

david m.

Amazing panel

John G.

Best presenters yet!

Alicia T.

The use of real-world scenarios was very helpful

Gregg M.

This was very well done. Appreciated the hypos and case cites

Richard R.

I liked the format. Having the multiple presenters kept it moving, which is important in a 90-minute program.

Henry G.

Excellent, informative, practical, and engaging presentation.

Erin S.

Very interesting presentation!

Cynthia M.



imaginative examples to make potentially dry material come alive

Marjorie C.

entertaining and informative.

Dane R.

Excellent presentation.

Tamber R.

Very informative course. Nice use of scenarios to illustrate the law.

Jeffrey P.

Great coverage

Phyllis C.

Appreciated the "partner" teaching model.

Vincent D.

Quite engaging.

Kristie Y.

Great CLE on an interesting area of law.

Karen J.

The presenters are obviously very knowledgeable on this subject. I appreciated having them walk us through a bit of their analysis of each question.

James H.

Very informative - both as to basics as well as more advanced concepts (which were presented in such a manner that beginners to the topic could understand).

Antoine M.

Excellent presentation, moderator, and attorneys

James K.

This was fantastic! More presenters should go through real world and hypothetical examples to highlight the points.

Brenda J. G.

I like the fact that they incorporated questions/answers via various scenarios. Nice touch!

Yvenne K.

Use of hypotheticals was excellent - very helpful!

Shaun E.

Great presenters; interesting style of presentation

S Margaret P.

Very well done. Good content and presentation.

Kimberly B.

I recommend Lawline to all of my colleagues!

Joshua G.

Great panel.

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