Grants & Economic Incentives in NY: A Practical Primer on Government Money and Benefits for Business

Production Date: October 22, 2015 Practice Areas: Business, Corporate, & Securities Law and Non-Profit Estimated Length: 3089 minutes


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This course will teach attorneys about the fundamentals of how to obtain government grants and other economic incentives, with a focus upon:

  • Grants and incentives fundamentals: how to gain access to valuable programs and how to navigate the system – federal, state, county, and local pools of money and benefits;
  • Typical statutory requirements and rules;
  • Landmines, pitfalls, and issues requiring professional navigation;
  • Case studies of recent, typical client scenarios.

Learning Objectives: Attorneys will learn some of the practical fundamentals on government grants and economic incentives, including:


I.     Grants and incentive program resources and common though often overlooked opportunities to gain access to cash grants, tax grants, energy related benefits, and other awards;

II.    Legal mechanisms to help business clients gain access to such programs;

III.   Typical grants and incentives requirements, including statutory obligations and agency and administrative rules, and typical contractual considerations; 

IV.   Commonplace issues that often pose landmines to grant applicants and grant recipients, and practical tips on how to avoid or overcome such landmines (eg, clawbacks, penalties for non-compliance);

V.    Practical case studies on how grants and incentives provide valuable rewards and how to measure ROI and cost/benefit analysis in scenarios with real life application;

VI.   Contractual, insurance, potential liability, and other considerations;

VII.  Relief from obligations that cannot be met though once committed;

VIII. Compliance with ongoing grants and economic incentives rules and requirements once benefits are awarded.

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