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From the Initial Phone Call to the Closing Letter: The Practical Knowledge Needed to Handle a Criminal Defense Case

1h 15m

Created on December 14, 2019




This course is for anyone who wants detailed, practical knowledge of how to handle a criminal case. While there is a lot of information out there about handling particular types of offenses, there are not many books that teach you what to do when you get a 2:00 AM phone call telling you someone has been arrested and needs your help. What do you do when you get that phone call? Do you call central booking? Do you call the precinct? Wait, you don't know where your client is, how do you find that out? And wait a second, is he your client? Are you making all these phone calls before you are retained? 

This program, taught by experienced criminal attorney Scott Limmer, will answer many of these questions. The course is designed to give newly admitted attorneys, and more experienced attorneys who are new to practicing criminal law, an overview of the fundamental knowledge needed to be a criminal defense attorney. The program will provide an overview of a criminal case, from the initial phone call and the initial client meeting to arraignment, plea negotiations, and sentencing. The program will also discuss the defense attorney's role in all of these parts of a criminal defense case and how to most advantageously represent your client. Additionally, it discusses how you can best communicate with clients, prosecutors, judges, and court staff in order to set yourself - and more importantly, your client - up for success.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Successfully arraign a client and avoid bail wherever possible
  2. Negotiate with the prosecutor to get your client a favorable disposition
  3. Persuasively argue the key elements of the case at trial and at a sentencing hearing

This course originally appeared as a part of our December 2019 Bridge the Gap Event.    

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