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Fraud and Cybersecurity Issues in Gaming

1h 3m

Created on June 19, 2017




Fraud and cybersecurity are huge issues with all online activity, and online games are no exception. Game companies have faced many well-known fraud and cybersecurity issues. Some of these matters have resulted in lawsuits and even criminal prosecution. Aside from the legal consequences, fraud and security incidents can have a devastating impact on a game company's business. Yet, many companies do not focus on these issues until after a problem has already arisen.

It is readily apparent that the increased competition in the gaming space means acquiring and retaining customers has become harder. In gaming, fraud and security issues can lead to play churn and loss of revenue. Join James Gatto of Sheppard Mullin and Matt Cook, Co-Founder of Panopticon Labs, as they discuss these issues and address how companies must understand the types of fraud and security issues that can arise, as well as steps they can take to prevent or mitigate damages in order to avoid adverse consequences. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the types of fraud and security issues that can and have arisen with online games (including actual examples)

  2. Gain insight into the legal issues implicated by these issues

  3. Explore prior judicial decisions that have addressed these issues

  4. Understand how to prevent or mitigate damage due to these issues through a combination of business, legal and technological means 

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