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Forms of Business Organization (Update)

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Created on November 21, 2017




Choosing a business structure today is not as simple as just choosing to be incorporated or not. Currently there are a plethora of business structures available each with its own advantages and disadvantages to the owner and thus taxpayer. 

In this course, attorney and CPA Roman Basi guides attorneys and accountants through the six principal forms of business organization, discussing everything from Sole Proprietorships and LLC's to the Series LLC and Subchapter S Corporations. This program is a must-see for attorneys and accountants alike who want to learn more about various types of business entities and the different legal and accounting methods each one utilizes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the myriad forms of business organization
  2. Identify how to start a sole proprietorship
  3. Maintain a general partnership
  4. Appreciate the function of a limited liability company
  5. Introduce the Series LLC, the new kid on the business block
  6. Define the different stock classes available in Subchapter C Corporations
  7. Foresee where the liability falls in a Subchapter S Corporation

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