Food Labeling and Marketing Litigation Risks

Production Date: May 19, 2016 Practice Areas: Food, Beverage, & Agriculture Estimated Length: 3715 minutes


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Food labeling litigation is one of the fastest growing areas of class action litigation today. New cases are being filed all the time alleging that food manufacturers have labeled and marketed their products deceptively. Food manufacturers (and the lawyers who advise them) need to ensure not only that they comply with labeling regulations, but also that they avoid marketing products in ways that invite lawsuits. This course, presented by Lauren Handel of Foscolo & Handel PLLC, The Food Law Firm, provides an overview of food labeling regulation, the causes of action asserted by consumers and competitors, key defenses, and the types of labeling and marketing claims that plaintiffs have targeted in lawsuits.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Identify the regulatory framework for food labeling and marketing

II.    Understand the basic legal claims and defenses asserted in food labeling litigation

III.   Recognize risky labeling and marketing claims that could subject a food manufacturer to civil liability 

Michael A.
Columbia, SC

Very informative. Good course content. Good strategies.

Mary F W.
Alexandria, VA

great examples

Carol M.
Roseburg, OR

Not an area I have practiced in, but I certainly found it interesting and have a basis of understanding the topic should I ever wish to pursue it. Very informative to me as a consumer as well.

Walter T.
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Michael V.
Clifton forge, VA

makes what can be a complicated topic very understandable. good presentation.

Thomas S.
Fairfax, VA

I liked the real examples of labeling issues, i.e. Kind Bar case, vegan mayo, etc

Kimberly G.
Westport, CT

Great lecture & well presented.

Jeffrey D.
Severn, MD

Thanks for the info on "Good Eats" law.

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Exactly the sorts of information I was hoping would be presented.

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Interesting and informative

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clear speaker


Very good overview of food law

Clarence S.
Bozeman, MT

Excellent presentation. Very informative on standards governing food labeling litigation.

Judy W.
Big Clifty, KY

Very helpful

Springfield, VA

Very timely topic. Balanced & fair presentation; very knowledgeable.

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Great program.