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Filing Non-Traditional Mark Applications at the USPTO: Tips and Tricks from a Former Examiner


Created on November 29, 2021




This program will look at filing requirements and best practices for some of the non-traditional applications filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office's trademark operations. Certification Marks, Collective Membership Marks, Trade Dress, Product Configuration, and Sound and Motion Marks are all applications that have unique requirements and possible pitfalls.

Join former USPTO Examining Attorney and Chief Sound and Motion Marks Examiner Jason Blair as he provides tips and best practices to improve your chances of getting non-traditional trademark applications registered.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the non-traditional intellectual property that your clients may not have even know they had

  2. Understand USPTO filing requirements and technical limitations for non-traditional mark applications

  3. Prepare applications to register non-traditional marks that are more likely to be approved

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