Federal vs. State: Regulations Impacting Animal Agriculture

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Produced on: May 07, 2018

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Time 62 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

This program, presented by Nancy Halpern of Fox Rothschild LLP, will provide an overview of federal and state regulations impacting animal agriculture. The program will discuss the myriad of laws governing animal welfare and animal health, including animal cruelty laws, standards of care, extraterritorial regulation, compounding laws, and more. Additional items to be covered include trends influencing animal agriculture and potential threats to the industry.

Halpern is Chair of the firm’s Animal Law practice and is also a licensed veterinarian.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain a comprehensive overview of federal and state laws governing animal agriculture, and in particular, review areas of potential conflict of law
  2. Examine recent litigation trends, as well as potential items threatening the industry
  3. Explore the future outlook of animal agriculture


Nancy Halpern

Fox Rothschild

Dr. Nancy Halpern is a registered patent attorney and Chair of the firm's Animal Law Practice. She represents clients in intellectual property and veterinarian pharmaceuticals. Dr. Halpern also represents animal owners, animal-related businesses, veterinarians, biomedical research facilities, farmers and trade associations in issues related to the complex patchwork of local, state and federal laws and regulations governing the humane use of animals. A licensed veterinarian in the State of New Jersey, Dr. Halpern previously served as Director of the Division of Animal Health for the New Jersey Department of Agriculture and New Jersey's State Veterinarian and served on the State Board of Veterinary Medicine Examiners (SBVME) for nearly a decade. In these posts, she was responsible for the state’s emergency response regarding animal care concerns in the event of natural or man-made disasters; supervision of the sole animal health diagnostic laboratory in New Jersey and implementation of regulatory and statutory provisions governing animal care, well-being and safety as well as animal disease surveillance and control.

Dr. Halpern serves on the Board of Directors for Americans for Medical Progress and the New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research. She has represented the American Veterinary Medical Association and other trade associations in legislative and regulatory matters (excluding services covered by the Lobbying Disclosure Act, 2 U.S.C. § 1601 et seq.), represents veterinarians when acquiring or selling their practices and when facing regulatory challenges nationwide. She also provides statutory and regulatory analysis for trade associations and animal-related businesses and represents businesses, from farms to pharmaceutical companies, during their interactions with governmental regulators. 


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Amazing one sided but from the side I rarely see so useful in that regard.

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Very good information, thank you

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Illuminates an important issue

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Very interesting.

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Extremely knowledgeable lecturer!

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Enjoyed presentation, good legal points.

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