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Federal Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy Markets

1h 2m

Created on July 20, 2016



Renewable energy projects in the United States are promoted through significant tax subsidies, but it is often challenging for developers to utilize these tax benefits. As a result, many developers enter into tax equity transactions to monetize these tax benefits. This course provides an overview of the tax benefits available for renewable energy projects in the United States. It describes the requirements to qualify for those credits and common transactions entered into by developers with tax equity investors in order to monetize these tax benefits.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the key tax benefits available to renewable energy projects, including Investment Tax Credits, Production Tax Credits, and MACRs Depreciation
  2. Overview of the "begun construction requirement" for the production tax credit
  3. Describe of the key tax equity transactions, including Partnership Flips, Sale-Leasebacks, and Lease Pass-Throughs
  4. Take a deeper dive in the Partnership Flip transaction

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