Federal Police Brutality Cases

Production Date: March 18, 2016 Practice Areas: Constitutional Law, Civil Rights, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3748 minutes


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In this course, Ameer Benno, a New York City-based civil rights attorney, introduces viewers to the litigation of police misconduct cases, including identifying the proper parties, prerequisites to filing the lawsuit, relevant time limitations on doing so, and factors to consider in determining the proper forum in which to bring the action. This course also provides an overview of the most commonly-asserted claims and defenses under federal law, compares the relative advantages and disadvantages of state and federal law in this area, and discusses what relief is available, including statutory attorney’s fees. In addition, Mr. Benno covers some of the commonly encountered discovery issues and ethical considerations in police misconduct cases. 


Learning Objectives

  1.   Identify the proper parties, claims, and defenses, as well as the differences between state and federal claims
  2. Recognize the various time limitations, such as accrual dates and statutes of limitation, involved for the various claims 
  3. Comprehend the factors that must be weighed in deciding whether to bring the action in state or federal court
  4. Gain insight as to the different forms of relief available, including statutory attorney’s fees


Ruth G.
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Clear explanation of the law.

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Excellent presentation

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so many regulations to bring one of these causes of actions. Well presented. Good review.

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One of the better Lawline courses. I would urge newer lawyers in rural jurisdictions to familiarize yourself with these rules . Not only to sue but to advise your local agency. on how to comply with the law, so as to get the best and fairest and just results.

Pedro S.
Hartford, CT

great materials with cases listed

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good program

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Excellent overview of federal claims, including a 1983 action in which I prepared and litigated.

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Terrific course. Great speaker.

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Great instruction

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The course was very informative and a good presentation of the general outline of causes of action against govt. entities

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An excellent overview.

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Wonderful -- one of the best and most succinct presentations on a very difficult topic that I've seen.

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Excellent in every sense. A nice summary of federal criminal law generally too.

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Good course, not my area of practice. Still interesting.

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I have several of these cases and Ameer seemed to know what he was talking about. did learn a few things which is scary since I should have known them already!

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Not in my area of practice, but something I was curious about.

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Excellent presenter and materials.

William K.


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Matt B.
Rock Hill, SC

This CLE was well-informed as to the law, but is also highly relevant; as a criminal defense attorney, it still surprises just how many cases of police brutality exist. Thus, the only addition I might suggest for this CLE would be more discussion of real cases and how these laws were applied to those instances of police brutality (and/or alleged instances of police brutality).

Charles D.
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Very good presenter. The information was presented in a very coherent fashion.

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Thank you

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Well organized lecture -- very informative.

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