Federal Oil & Gas Leases: Framework and Developments

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Produced on: July 21, 2016

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Time 61 minutes
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The Federal government owns 640 million acres, about 28% of all land in the United States, and controls the coastal area extending 200 nautical miles from the shore. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages an estimated 5.3 billion barrels of proved oil reserves and 69 trillion cubic feet of proved gas reserves onshore, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BoEM) manages another 4.3 billion of proved oil reserves and 16 trillion cubic feet of proved gas reserves offshore. Not surprisingly, the Federal oil and gas lease program is frequently at the center of political and legal debates about the country’s energy policy.

This course provides an overview of the legal framework governing Federal oil and gas leases. It offers background on how the Federal government grants leases to private parties and the fiscal terms of those leases. In addition, it surveys recent regulatory and judicial developments affecting onshore and offshore leasing.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Increase understanding of the role of the Federal government as the owner and manager of oil and gas resources
  2. Learn about the legal principles and fiscal significance of the Federal oil and gas leasing program
  3. Survey recent regulatory developments and court decisions
  4. Identify emerging issues and trends


Robert Seber

Vinson & Elkins LLP

Robert’s principal areas of practice are private equity and privately negotiated mergers and acquisitions. He has represented numerous investment funds and corporate clients in different sectors of the energy industry and a wide spectrum of other industries, including technology and financial services. Robert’s extensive private equity experience covers the full transactional cycle of investment funds, ranging from fund formation to acquisitions, recapitalizations, minority investments, complex equity arrangements, and exits. He teaches classes on “Oil and Gas Law and Governance” and “Energy Deals" at New York University.


John S.

Very interesting

Joan L.

Excellent presentation. Great written materials.Presenter clearly knows the subject well and discusses it with ease. Worthwhile program.

Herbert S.

Informative and articulate

amy p.

very good.

Ryan S.

Mr. Seber was excellent. I work in oil and gas and he was much more knowledgeable than I could have hoped for.

Benjamin P.

Very professional and thorough.

Matthew T.

Great course!

Michael P.

Very informative

Arati T.

The graphics in his slides were a great visual aid. Thank you

Robert G.

Speaker was very knowledgeable and well prepared.

Julie A. B.

This worthwhile program introduces the non-specialist to and refreshes the attorney concentrating in this practice area to the legal principles and fiscal significance of the Federal oil and gas leasing program. The speaker divulges recent regulatory developments and court decisions; identifies emerging issues; and forecasts trends.

Michael F.


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