Federal Indian Law: A Brief Introduction

Production Date: February 27, 2017 Practice Areas: Constitutional Law Estimated Length: 3616 minutes


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This overview explains what Federal Indian Law, the various legal sources – including treaties, statutes, executive orders and judicial decisions – on which it is based, and how it guides political and legal relationships between the United States and 568 federally recognized Indian tribes and nations.  

At the heart of Federal Indian Law is the concept of tribal sovereignty: the right of tribes to make their own laws and be ruled by them, subject to the ultimate control of the US government, and to deal with federal officials on a government-to-government basis.  

This presentation, led by attorney Troy Eid,  focuses on essential concepts such as the federal trust responsibility, tribes’ sovereign immunity, and civil and criminal jurisdiction.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand an overview of Federal Indian Law

  2. Identify the array of legal resources Federal Indian Law is based upon

  3. Grasp the concept of “tribal sovereignty”

Dale D.
Glenview, IL

Very interesting. Great pictures and diagrams to go with the lecture.

Samantha B.
Pampano Beach, FL

Great material

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Shelbyville, KY

Enjoyed the material.

Albert A.
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Troy Eid is awesome

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One of the best CLE courses I have taken. Great subject matter and presenter.

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Presenter is excellent. Impressed with the quality that LawLine was able to get to present the material.

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liked the pictures

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Excellent presentation on a very complex topic.

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Troy Eid was excellent.

Jeffrey H.
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i liked the presenter's historical perspective

Donna W.
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This was a very informative course and gave an excellent historical perspective about the subject matter. The speaker demonstrated tremendous knowledge.

Sharon A.
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Interesting information

Jeri W.
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Very interesting. I had no idea that Indian law was so complicated

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Best course yet that I have viewed on LawLine

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I thought the commentator was very good.

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Great overview on a fascinating area of law

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Randy P.
Houston, TX

Excellent introduction to Indian law!

John P.
Englewood, CO

This was very well-done. A perfect amount of information for a relative newcomer to this area.


Very interesting

Rhonda R.
Memphis, TN

Mr. Eid is an excellent presenter. I enjoyed his photos.

Mary W.
Seattle, WA

Excellent intro!

Walter P.

I thought Mr. Eid really knew his area. I was very impressed.

Richard S.
San Luis Obispo, CA

Good introduction to new material.

Jayne W.
Denver, NC

he is wonderful and very informative. perfect amount of information on the subject.

Richard C.
Kerrville, TX

Excellent presentation. Speaker has a wonderful ability to combine the law with history, so that we understand why the laws exist as they do.

Lisa O.
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Very interesting presentation on a subject are entirely new to me. I would definitely recommend this topic.

David J.
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This speaker was one of the best I've ever seen.

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I've published on American Indian Law, and this was a good overview course.

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Very interesting area of the law. Great intro to Indian law.

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Outstanding presentation.

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If I ever have an Indian Law question I'm calling this guy. Very sharp. He also knows how to put together an hour long introductory cle without wasting time. Well done.

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Excellent presenter

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Excellent course, very good speaker, very informative

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Speaker offers a meaty historical synopsis of federal Indian law in this dynamic, detail-packed presentation.

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