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Fashion Retail Leases: If You've Seen One, Have You Seen Them All?


Created on June 10, 2015



The retail real estate needs of fashion companies may vary, but real estate consistently plays an important part in the life cycle of the product from inception to consumption. Real estate not only serves the practical role of providing a space to sell their wares but also assists brands in maintaining their identity and properly interacting with their customers. 


Join Rania V. Sedhom, Founding Member of Sedhom & Mayhew, PLLC, a Bespoke Law FirmTM ,and Laura Brandt, Founder of Brandt Law, as they discuss the unique real estate needs of fashion retailers. 


In this course, you will hear a discussion about the most important aspects of a retail real estate lease and what to focus on during your next lease renewal or initial negotiation, and whether and/or how certain mixed-use building rules may affect your operations. 


Learning Objectives: 

I.      Grasp real estate basics in the retail fashion industry 

II.     Differentiate the issues amongst stand-alone retail, retail within a mall, and retail in mixed-use buildings such as condominiums

III.    Identify key lease provisions 

IV.    Recognize liabilities that arise after the move-in

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