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Executive Compensation and Severance Negotiation Considerations

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Produced on March 29, 2016

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Many employees, especially at the executive level, approach an offer of employment as a “take it or leave it” proposition. Similarly, employees who have been terminated without an offer of a severance package often walk away from their employment without understanding their rights and the potential leverage they may have to obtain better terms upon termination. This course is a primer on how executives can negotiate better compensation and severance packages. Join partner Yogi Patel of Lloyd Patel LLP for this discussion. 


Learning Objectives:

I.      Discover when and how to negotiate the terms of an employment agreement

II.     Learn key employment terms to consider negotiating

III.    Understand when and how to approach termination of employment 

IV.    Explore severance agreements and leverage

V.     Identify key terms to consider in negotiating a severance agreement

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Yogi Patel

Lloyd Patel LLP

Yogi Patel is a partner at Lloyd Patel LLP. He serves as counsel to a broad spectrum of privately held businesses and advises clients on corporate transactions, governance, compliance, regulatory related matters, as well as representation in both State and Federal Court litigation.


Yogi also works with individual executives on compensation and severance related matters. He primarily works with executives in the technology, finance and medical fields and has represented executive employees for companies such as Amazon, Google, News Corp, Dow Jones, Goldman Sachs, Standard & Poor’s, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center as well as several other privately held businesses and medical practices. 


Prior to forming Lloyd Patel LLP, Yogi served as in-house counsel to a New York City based construction and development firm focusing on legal issues related to the construction process, including land acquisition, project financing, post-construction claims settlement and litigation. He also spent several years as an associate attorney at a boutique education law firm in New York City where he represented individual and institutional clients in all facets of education, labor & employment and corporate law matters.


Henry J.

Presenter highlighted some VERY good practice points!

Veronica V.

Very clear, excellent presentation.

Henry V.

Very practical and savvy.

Larry S.

excellent presentation

Susan B.

Excellent information

Elisa A.

Interesting topic prestented with practical advice.

Amy S.

Good practical tips

edwin l.

Interesting ideas

Gerard M.

Nice presentation.

Peter C.

Very good overview for the beginner. Concise, to the point. It would be great to get another presentation by Mr. Patel on negotiating exits.

Johanna D.

Excellent course and much more interesting than I was expecting.

Samuel W.

Great course! Lots of practical advice.

JoAnne P.

Excellent lecture. Clear and engaging and chock-full of information

Nirav P.

I may very well seek out Counselor Patel for my own employment contract needs should they arise!

Jonathan S.

Excellent overview.

Jeffrey S.

Very well organized and clear presentation.

William B.

Good overview of pre-employment negotiation (I wish my clients would engage me BEFORE they are employed, rather than waiting until after a severance), employment agreement terms and severance situations.

Edward K.

Good pointers for both sides on the negotiation.

Randy B.

Good overview.

Lori K.

very informative!

William B.

An excellent lecture!

Daniel C.

Excellent seminar. Well presented, informative.

Kenneth C.

terrific speaker on the subject; knows his stuff !

David E.

Nice job

Angela A.

This was a very informative presentation of a topic matter which will assist me in representing my client.

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