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Evidence 101 Part II

1h 31m

Created on January 16, 2017




In a follow-up to his initial Evidence 101 program, Michael DeBlis III continues his deep dive into the Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE). As in the previous session, DeBlis provides an in-depth analysis of the FRE and includes best practices to help you successfully engage with the rules. This presentation provides you with a comprehensive review of the rules of evidence that come up most frequently, with a focus on witness credibility, impeachment of witnesses, and hearsay. DeBlis also examines the most common hearsay exceptions that you are likely to encounter during trial.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Federal Rules of Evidence, particularly in regards to witness credibility, impeachment of witnesses, and hearsay
  2. Identify best practices related to improving your impeachment techniques
  3. Understand the Evidence rules governing hearsay and explore various hearsay exceptions     

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