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Ethics in Trial Advocacy (Update)


Created on May 14, 2020




The courtroom creates many ethical questions and challenges. Zealously advocating for your clients without violating any ethical rules is a constant challenge. This updated program, presented by seasoned litigator Moshe Horn, will use several real-life scenarios to analyze the ethical choices and boundaries that trial lawyers commonly face. The program will discuss the ethics of witness preparation, cross-examination, comments in closing arguments, evidential challenges, jury selection, and more. Lastly, the course will explore strategies to maximize tactical advantages in the courtroom while still staying within the boundaries of the ethical guidelines.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the ethical choices that trial lawyers most often face
  2. Examine real-life scenarios to analyze how to ethically address many common challenges
  3. Explore how to address ethical questions related to the different states of trial advocacy including witness preparation, cross-examination, jury selection, closing arguments, and more
  4. Maximize tactical advantages in the courtroom while remaining compliant with ethical guideline

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