Ethical Issues in Terminating Representation of a Client in New York

Production Date: June 29, 2014 Practice Areas: Ethics and Law Practice Management Estimated Length: 4500 minutes


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Join attorney and Lawline faculty Gianpaolo Scarola as he illuminates a tough but important presentation on termination of client representation. Using the New York Model Rules of professional conduct, Mr. Scarola will take attorneys through mandatory, voluntary and permissive withdrawals along with key considerations to "move on from the break up."


Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand mandatory withdrawals
  2. Grasp reasons for a voluntary withdrawal by an attorney
  3. Utilize of a retainer agreement for permissive withdrawal
  4. Move on from the break up: issues to consider

This course originally appeared as a part of our June 2014 Bridge the Gap Event.

Suzanne M.
Woodbury, NY

Good practical course.

Paul N.
Smithtown, NY

Great presentation with practical advice.

Carmella S.
Melville, NY

Very good presentation. Although, I knew this-importance of keeping detailed files and logs of attempts to reach unresponsive clients was useful

Megha B.
New York, NY

very practical situations, good advice.

ethan l.
New York, NY

Good conversational accessible speaker with good attitude and examples

Theodore E.
New York, NY

Excellent presentation. Congratulations. Hope I never need the information given.

James C.
new york, NY

very effective and good use of examples from practice

Barbara S.
Forest Hills, NY

Good presentation, helpful practical information.

Christopher M.
Hoboken, NJ

best lecture this year

Samer Y.
New York, NY

Great course!!!

Michael S.
Garden City, NY

clear, concise, to the point, interspersed with his personal history. Very nicely done.

Susan G.
New Hyde Park, NY

He's a great speaker. He can (and does) make any subject interesting.

Tomas E.
Brooklyn, NY

Excellent presentation.

John E.
East Hampton, NY

Outstanding and VERY comprehensive seminar. . . Bravo!

Steven S.
New York, NY

The was an overall excellent program. Mr. Scarola is a dynamic speaker who held my attention throughout the program.

Bridget M.
Oceanside, NY

Good speaker with good practical advise.

Tracy M.
Syracuse, NY

Interesting and Informative

Marlon S.
Beverly Hills, CA

Good, necessary, practical information!

Edward L.
Edison, NJ

Very well presented lecture

Chris T.
New York, NY

good speaker. knowledgeable about topic.

Valerie W.
Garden City, NY

Well done. dynamic speaker very informative.

Stephen R.
Saratoga Springs, NY

Good job

Precious A.
Brooklyn, NY


Glenn B.
New York, NY

Another important topic, well-presented.

Nosson A.
Brooklyn, NY

Very clear

Veronique S.
Huntington, NY

Fantastic instructor.

Edward C.
New York, NY

Very helpful everyday examples were given that really illustrated the ethical rules being discussed.

Mindi S.
New York, NY

interesting. Speaker was well prepared

James F.
Southhold, NY

Excellent course, good to know the parameters of this subject

Ronald M.
Edgartown, MA

This is an area with lots of traps for the unwary and some of the rules are counter intuitive so I would definitely recommend this course.

Laura M.
New York, NY

very good course

Bridget B.
New York, NY

Great course!

Karl O.
Sodus, NY

Good overview.