Ethics in Collection Practice

Production Date: February 06, 2017 Practice Areas: Banking Law and Litigation Estimated Length: 5532 minutes


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Are there really ethics in collections? This rhetorical question sometimes leads to a chuckle from lawyers and non-lawyers alike. However, as with any field of law, collections law is fraught with a myriad of ethical issues and entanglements that could ensnare even the most seasoned practitioner. What Rules of Professional Conduct (RPCs) apply to collection law and collection law practitioners? When does the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) apply? When is a “debt” really a debt? When is a “debt collector” really a debt collector? The definitions in the FDCPA may surprise you.

This course, presented by Jonathan Goodgold, Esq., of The Beinhaker Law Firm, LLC, who handles the firm’s collection practice, reviews the professional code of conduct, the FDCPA, and recent developments in the field, and provides practical guidance in navigating the ethical minefields in collection law.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify and explore relevant RPCs
  2. Understand the definitions of the FDCPA and assess how the law applies to everyday practice
  3. Explore recent developments and their impact on the field and your practice
  4. Provide practical guidance to how social media and other new technologies impact or will impact collection law
Ruth G.
Chicago, IL

Loved the presenter’s passion for the subject!

Neil M.
Naples, FL

Don't change a thing.

Vasiliki N.
Lake Oswego, OR

Thought this would be a dry and unfeeling area of law, but the speaker made it interesting and humane.

Kristin P.
Randolph, NY

Excellent presentation. Very helpful.

Joseph L.
Casselberry, FL

Presenter REALLY knows the subject matter. Excellent.

Evan S.
Great Neck, NY

very well done; very informative

Karen P.
Chicago, IL

straightforward, good presenter.

Joseph V.
Ronkonkoma, NY

Very good

Chris R.
Las Vegas, NV

Enjoyed the portion about collection of attorneys' fees

Linda R.
Roslyn Heights, NY

Attorney Goodgold knows what he's talking about! Explains debt collection very well.

Valerie S.
Los Angeles, CA

Surprisingly interesting program for a topic I think of as rather dry.