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Ethics for California Appellate Litigators (Update) (Audio Only)

1h 11m

Created on March 31, 2020




In advocating for clients, lawyers may sometimes stray from the path of professionalism. When performing solitary activities, like handling appeals and legal writing, it is easy to cross moral boundaries. This program, taught by California appellate lawyers Benjamin G. Shatz and Nicholas E. Frontera, reviews best practices to avoid ethical pitfalls in appellate briefing, examples of what not to do during oral argument, and cases discussing civility in the legal profession. Additionally, this program covers notable decisions and orders from California and Federal appellate courts in 2019 concerning ethical issues in appellate practice. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the key takeaways from notable appellate ethics decisions in 2019
  2. Review ethical obligations in legal writing, including the misuse of ellipses, accurately representing the record, and more
  3. Discuss how to act ethically in the courtroom
  4. Review general civility in interactions between counsel 

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