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Ethics and the Entrepreneurial Client


Created on January 09, 2014



Start-up and entrepreneurial clients pose both unique opportunities and special risks to their lawyers.  Such clients often need high-end corporate representation, but rarely have the money to pay regular corporate rates.  Lawyers representing start-ups frequently represent established corporations in the same industry, leading to conflicts of interests and other problems.  And when a start-up business goes bust, there may not be anybody to pay disgruntled stakeholders, leaving lawyers at increased risk of liability.  In this course, Mr. Abrams tackles the most problematic ethical issues which commonly arise in the representation of start-up clients.

Learning Objectives:

I.    Comprehend needs of Entrepreneurial Clients

II.   Properly invest with a client

III.  Utilize different methods to collect fees

IV.  Avoid conflicts of interest between companies and stockholders

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