Ethically Representing the Cannabis Client

Production Date: December 08, 2015 Practice Areas: Ethics, Business, Corporate, & Securities Law, and Marijuana Law Estimated Length: 3613 minutes


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Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia now have laws making the use of medical cannabis lawful, under certain circumstances. Four states and the District of Columbia have passed laws legalizing recreational use of cannabis. In addition, anticipated ballot initiatives in Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, and California, and anticipated legislation in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, may result in legalized adult use of cannabis in several other states. 


Despite this activity at the state level, the Federal Controlled Substances Act (the “CSA”) applies nationwide, and, under the CSA, the cultivation, processing, distribution, and sale of cannabis is unlawful, regardless of applicable state law. Under these circumstances, may an attorney represent a client in the cannabis industry in a manner consistent with state professional ethics rules?   


In this program, we examine the ethical issues raised by representing cannabis industry clients, as well as ethics opinions issued by bar authorities in states including New York State, Maine, Connecticut, Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington State.


Join Hanan Kolko for a discussion of these issues. Mr. Kolko, a New York City-based shareholder at Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein and a co-chair of that firm’s Cannabis Practice, is also a member of the National Cannabis Bar Association.       


Learning Objectives:  

I.     Understand the basics regarding the Controlled Substances Act (”CSA”) and its applicability to cannabis

II.    Appreciate the relationship between the CSA and state cannabis laws

III.   Understand the underlying ethical issues presented in the representation of cannabis industry clients

IV.   Learn how different state bar authorities have approached the ethical considerations of attorney representation of clients in the cannabis industry

V.    Identify how to avoid ethical pitfalls in representing clients in the cannabis industry

VI.   Learn how to conduct “up front” communications with potential clients in the industry

Erin B.
Larchmont, NY

Fairly interesting topic and nice to include the contrast with other states (mainly CO) that have a more established set of laws in this area.

Roscoe H.
Charlotte, NC

I highly recommend this course!

Adam S.
Atlanta, GA

There’s not enough substance behind the legal issue to keep it from being repetitive, which it largely is. That is not the presenters fault of course.

Jonathan W.
San Antonio, TX

Great course! Very educational!

Marlon S.
Beverly Hills, CA


Beau J.
Morgan Hill, CA

The program needs an update following the Sessions repeal of the Cole memorandum.

Shauna H.
Ontario, CA

Fascinating topic

Larry M.
Dallas, TX

Very informative

Diane P.
Portland, OR

Excellent presentation, great speaker, and very helpful and clear advice.

Colette L.
New Rochelle, NY

This is new business. I learned a lot. THank you for this invaluable information

irina a.
reno, NV

very useful with passing of new legislature in Nevada Thank you!

Rebecca S.
Lakewood, CO

I appreciated the unusual topic. I have already recommended this class to my husband's law firm.

Thomas M.
Fort Worth, TX

Excellent presentation on the ethics of the conflict of laws.

Renee D.
White Plains, NY

Really interesting. Would love to see an update based on current climate.

Josh N.
Boca Raton, FL

Informative well delivered a must fir those who are interested in representing clients in this very tricky arena

Thomas K.
Arlington, VA

Very good presenter!

Frank E.
Newport News, VA

Subject still up in the air, but good summary of where it stands

Jonathan H.
Oakland, CA

Appreciate the frank discussion of state ethical guidance on the issue.

Kathy D.
Lahaina, HI

interesting evolving area of law

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Cheshire, CT

A good and helpful presentation!

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Santa Fe, NM

This was one of the most interesting and effective presentations I'd heard while using Lawline.

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Good overview.

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Presenter is extremely well-versed in his subject matter. Very interesting. Very well done.

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Orlando, FL

A very sticky area of law, well addressed.

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East Northport, NY

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Longmont, CO

Locally relevant

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Denver, CO

helpful to those of us in CO

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Portland, ME

Delivered well, slides were substantive, and the UI was especially easy to navigate.

James D.
Gainesville, FL

Well spoken and organized speaker

Anita O.
Los Angeles, CA

Great informative slides and content..

Robert M.
lakeland, FL

Mr. Hanan Kolko was first rate: extremely articulate and clear!

Douglas A.

Very interesting particularly from the point of a Chief Davison Counsel to an FBI Division.

Gary T.
Jacksonville, FL

Well done!

Adria B.
Gainesville, VA

Well done!

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Vassalboro, ME

Very interesting subject matter.

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Dean G.
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Tucson, AZ

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charles l.
Fincastle, VA

Wonderfully conversational speaker's style.

Grant M.
Boulder, CO

Excellent program.

Sean O.
Renton, WA

Helpful multi-state background; good to compare other state bars' ethical response to "Cole Memorandum" fed. policy.

Andrew P.
Lawndale, CA

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Neil H.
Plymouth Meeting, PA

Very effective presentation. Survey of applicable state law re ethical issues was very helpful.

karina v.
Hialeah, FL

Great informative chat on a pretty new issue

Ronald H.

Troubling area considering the current political environment and updates should be made available as the circumstances dictate.

Randal B.
Covington, WA

Clear, concise information; very helpful iinformation

Mark R.
Jacksonville, FL

Something you don't think about without being confronted with it.

Chad M.
Glen Gardner, NJ

Would like to see the follow up after Trump administration's statement on enforcement going forward

Jason R.
Charlotte, NC

Great job!

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Centreville, VA

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Alexandria, VA

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Brooklyn, NY


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Tigard, OR

This was a very well done program. Thank you.

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Peconic, NY

well done

tod d.
Las Vegas, NV

really well done seminar

Erik L.
Issaquah, WA

Hanan was very thorough, informative and his presentation style was engaging.

Richard S.
Phoenix, AZ

Extremely well organized and clear presentation! Mr. Kolko educated me in a field about which I knew nothing previously -- and now I have a working mindset along with key references to move forward if the need arises. Thank you!!

Juanita B.
Sacramento, CA

Excellent program. Outstanding presenter.

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One of the best courses I have taken

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Durango, CO

excellent course

Springfield, VA

very very good; practical

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Valparaiso, IN

This is a fascinating topic, and, as more states legalize marijuana, will be a growing area of the law. Thanks, interesting stuff.

Stefanie M.
Brooklyn, NY

very interesting topic.

Rhonda G. W.
Washington, DC

Thank you for clear and thorough presentation.

arthur f.
Omak, WA

covers ethical considerations in several states-ex Maine, Connecticut, Arizona, Colorado, and New York.

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Fredericksburg, VA

Excellent content & presentation

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Clifton forge, VA

Timely and informative. Great instructor!

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Laurel, NY

A very novel and interesting topic. The lecturer was very helpful and I appreciated his candor

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Very good CLE. Excellent presentation; very thorough and engaging.

yekaterina l.
brooklyn, NY

This is a very important topic given how unusual it is to have states allow people to break federal law. it is extra important for lawyers.

J R M.
Golden, CO

One of the more enjoyable programs I've seen. Down to earth delivery and material was not too dry. Good insight into the dilemma presented for counsel working in this area of the law and business.

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Squaw Valley, CA


Thomas G. G.


Deborah G.
East Cleveland, OH


Tobias P.
Plainfield, NJ

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New York, NY

highly recommend

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Phoenix, AZ

instructor was very helpful. Highly recommend him.

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Boulder, CO

I enjoyed the presenter's approach to this material, going state by state and highlighting differences and things to watch for in practice.

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