Ethically Representing Parties in Insurance Coverage Matters (Update)

Production Date: May 01, 2017 Practice Areas: Ethics and Insurance Law Estimated Length: 5473 minutes


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Attorneys Evan Schwartz and Matthew Conroy will guide you through ethical problems that arise when representing parties in insurance coverage disputes and how to manage those problems.  

They discuss how to navigate the ethical difficulties that arise when insurance fraud may be involved in a claim, ethical problems concerning the representation of multiple defendants, the role of defense counsel when hired by an insurance company to represent the insured, and the ethical problems that arise therefrom. Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Conroy provide practical examples of these problems and how best to handle them.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Identify claims that are fraudulent or potentially fraudulent and determine a strategy of how to ethically navigate them
  2. Understand the ethical challenges that arise when defense counsel is hired by an insurance company to defend the insured
  3. Manage the ethical issues surrounding the defense of multiple insureds in a lawsuit brought by an insurance company

  4. Appreciate the practical implications of ethical issues that arise in insurance coverage matters 
Hugh C.
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good program

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Good presentation with good examples

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Thank you. The delivery was excellent.

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great speakers

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Excellent CLE with good examples for practitioners.

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Both speakers are clear, concise and knowledgeable. Good presentation.

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Good presentations!!!

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This was a good update.

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This course is so practical and the speakers were extremely informative and held my attention.

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This was great practical advice.

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Presenters were excellent. The slides could have been in larger font, and more detailed.

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Very informative on the insurance issues I wanted to learn about

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Very good instructors. Excellent program

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I liked the sort of "converstion approach" between the twopresenters and in some ways made me feel as if I was there and listening to their conversation.

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very interesting

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Very relevant seminar

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Evan Schwartz and Matthew Conroy were fantastic. Enjoyed having them present two CLEs in one day. Has made a day of CLE webcasts more enjoyable than anticipated. Thank you.

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I enjoyed the format of this one. I thought having them ask each other questions was great.