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Ethical & Professional Responsibility Traps Waiting for Corporate Counsel

1h 3m

Created on December 10, 2019





In-house lawyers face some of the most complex and challenging ethical issues that exist, and often there are no clear or definitive answers on how to address them. This program, taught by C. Evan Stewart, a Senior Partner at Cohen & Gresser LLP, will discuss a broad array of these ethical issues, how to identify them early on, and what practical steps can be taken to avoid these ethical potholes. 

Mr. Stewart is also a visiting professor at Cornell University and an adjunct professor at Fordham Law School. He has been a regular contributing columnist for the New York Law Journal since 1990 and the New York Business Law Journal since 2006, has published over 300 articles on diverse legal subjects, and is frequently featured in the national media and regularly speaks across the country on securities, professional responsibility, and complex litigation issues. In 2016, Mr. Stewart was awarded the Stanford D. Levy Award from the New York State Bar Association's Ethics Committee for his contribution to the field of legal ethics.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand client confidentiality obligations and the liability traps that exist
  2. Discuss whistleblower rights (if any)
  3. Avoid liability issues facing lawyers, especially given the recent Supreme Court Lorenzo decision
  4. Minimize conflicts of interest and risks to in-house counsel
  5. Assess multiple representation traps that exist
  6. Appreciate the dangers of documents
  7. Discover how not to conduct an internal investigation
  8. Identify the numerous multi-jurisidictional traps that exist, both here and abroad

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