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Ethical Pitfalls for Employment Law Attorneys

1h 1m

Created on December 21, 2021




All attorneys are subject to Ethics Rules, but for the Employment Law attorney, there are rules that come up more frequently. Whether it is representing multiple clients, conducting workplace investigations, obtaining documents prior to the filing of a lawsuit that is subject to litigation holds, dealing with unrepresented individuals, Employment Law practitioners must navigate an ethical minefield.

This program will discuss common ethical scenarios faced by employment law attorneys in both state and federal court as well as provide practical solutions so you can proactively deal with these issues.

 This program will benefit employment law attorneys and in-house counsel.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify common ethical pitfalls in representing multiple plaintiffs and in representing multiple defendants

  2. Discuss common ethical pitfalls in workplace investigations 

  3. Explore ethical problems in dealing with social media and unrepresented claimants

  4. Review and discuss rules involving Litigation holds, electronically store information, and inadvertent disclosure

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