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Ethical DOs and DON'Ts: Attorney Grievances and Criminal Liability

1h 31m

Created on October 18, 2016



Attorneys Evan Schwartz and Matthew Conroy guide you through the labyrinth of landmines surrounding grievances and criminal liability for attorneys. Join them as they describe the conduct that leads to attorney grievances and how to avoid it. Matt and Evan also walk you through the conduct that exposes attorneys to potential criminal liability, and strategies as well as practice tips for managing both the grievance and criminal liability processes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the types of affirmative conduct and misconduct that lawyers typically engage in leading to grievances, and the potential impact on their licenses
  2. Engage in best practices to avoid a grievance being filed against you
  3. Identify how to respond to an inquiry by the government making the attorney the target of an investigation
  4. Recognize what happens when the attorney becomes a criminal defendant
  5. Gain an appreciation of how to handle the approach of the attorney becoming a witness or the subject of a subpoena

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