Employment Law Trends in Legislation, Litigation and Enforcement

Production Date: September 18, 2017 Practice Areas: Litigation and Labor & Employment Law Estimated Length: 5525 minutes


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As any employment law practitioner knows, the law in our field is always changing. These changes can at times be relatively predictable, and at others catch even the most seasoned counsel by surprise. This course surveys the changing legal landscape of employment law, providing insights on recently enacted and pending legislative changes, emerging case law, and administrative enforcement efforts to be on the lookout for. From a legislative perspective, with gridlock ruling the day in Washington, D.C., increasingly state legislatures and city governments have become incubators for workplace laws on a variety of issues that will be explored, such as paid leave, pay equity, restrictions on non-competition agreements, and medical marijuana.

On the litigation front, we should see resolution of some big-ticket issues, as cases involving sexual orientation discrimination and class action waivers in employee arbitration agreements are ripe for high court review. Finally, in terms of enforcement, while the government reasonably can be expected to scale back some enforcement efforts, employers should not get too complacent in light of recent and potentially entrenched developments in the enforcement position of the SEC. This program is taught by Duane Morris Partner Christopher Durham. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Grasp the proliferation of worker-friendly laws recently passed by state and local governments in the face of inaction at the federal level
  2. Get up to speed on pending legislation at the state and local level on a variety of issues impacting employees and employers
  3. Become familiar with an enforcement issue that has flown somewhat under the radar but can carry big ticket consequences if action is not taken to ensure compliance
  4. Identify significant employment law issues that, while creating considerable uncertainty for the time being, are ripe for Supreme Court review and likely to be resolved in the coming months
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