Emerging Legal and Ethical Issues for Providers in Pharmacy Practice: Interactions with Third Party Payors

Production Date: December 01, 2015 Practice Areas: Health Care Law Estimated Length: 3650 minutes


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In this course, Wilentz’s Angelo Cifaldi and Satish Poondi address the issues that arise when pharmacies contract with insurance companies. Provider applications are increasingly becoming more complex. Often, pharmacies are asked to provide detailed information regarding their practice as well as their employees. Pharmacies should be aware of the representations that they are making during the contracting process since they may have serious consequences for their practice.  


Learning Objectives: 

I.     Discuss the pharmacist’s obligations and duties in filling out provider applications and renewal certifications 

II.    Identify strategies for pharmacies to conduct due diligence 

III.   Understand the expanding role of PSAOs and the implications of contracting through PSAOs 

IV.   Review federal regulations relating to drug purchases 

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