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Elder Abuse in the LGBTQ Aging Community


Created on December 07, 2021





This program is a continuation of a program that was initially developed to educate, inform, and support attorneys who work with LGBTQ older adults. Utilizing that foundation, this presentation will build on the intersection of aging, the LGBTQ population, and elder abuse. Through discussion of a case study, the use of language, cognitive impairment, and specific vulnerabilities to abuse will be explored. This program, presented by Deirdre Lok, Paul Ortiz, and Thomas Weber will benefit practitioners who are seeking to better understand and support LGBTQ aging adults.   

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Review up-to-date definitions and differences between gender identity and sexual orientation

  2. Identify signs of elder abuse and the impact of isolation

  3. Discuss tactics to support older adult clients in the LGBTQ community

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