Effectively Using Experts in Personal Injury Cases

Production Date: October 08, 2015 Practice Areas: Personal Injury and Negligence, Litigation, and Communications & Telecommunications Estimated Length: 3702 minutes


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The success of a personal injury or medical malpractice suit is usually connected to choosing the right expert to evaluate the claim early on in the litigation. Join experienced litigator Andrew Smiley for this introductory presentation on the advantages of using expert witnesses and how to retain the best one for your cause of action. Mr. Smiley shares personal war stories on a variety of cases from hiring experts to testify on subjects such as personal training, nefrology, bartending and construction defects.


This program also provides tips on when to hire an expert, how to spend as little as possible while gaining the maximum benefit, and websites and companies that can direct you to the appropriate type of expert. In addition, Mr. Smiley dissects the role of the expert in all stages of the litigation process, including prior to depositions, summary judgment motions, and pre trial settlement demands.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Understand the benefits of an expert 

II.   Identify different types of experts 

III.  Know how to find the right expert 

IV.  Gain familiarity with experts' cost 

V.   Comprehend considerations inherent in meeting the expert in person

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This is excellent presentation, giving examples of the proper way to secure an expert. I recommend it.

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