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Effective Representation of Clients in Commercial Arbitration: Exploring the Differences Between Arbitration and Court-Based Litigation

1h 17m

Created on February 23, 2020




Arbitration and litigation are very different and require attorneys to take substantially different approaches than they would take in a court case to effectively represent their clients. This program will provide attorneys with guidance on the substantial differences between representing clients in commercial arbitrations as compared to in court-based litigation by walking through the entire process of commercial arbitration to identify the opportunities and pitfalls that one faces as counsel at each phase of the process. In addition, the program will identify and discuss best practices in representing clients in arbitration and securing the distinct advantages of arbitration for our clients (or avoiding such advantages as needed).

The presenter, Professor Charles Moxley, has developed this program based upon his experience presiding over hundreds of arbitrations with the American Arbitration Association and other arbitration providers over the past 30+ years and his experience serving as an arbitration trainer for the New York State Bar Association, the American Arbitration Association and CPR and teaching in the field for many years. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the differences between arbitration and litigation in commercial cases
  2. Identify best practices and pitfalls in the commercial arbitration process
  3. Advise clients on what to expect when entering arbitration for the first time 

This course originally appeared as a part of our February 2020 Bridge the Gap Event. 

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