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Effective Client Counseling for Clients with Disabilities

1h 1m

Created on September 28, 2021





This course, taught by Jennifer L. Hess and Matthew Maddox, attorneys and lecturers on long-term disability law topics, will discuss best practices for counseling clients with disabilities. You will learn valuable practice tips to foster a trusting attorney-client relationship, communicate effectively, and empathize with both dignity and respect. We will review critical ethical and privacy obligations that every attorney must navigate while assisting individuals with disabilities. 

This course will benefit any attorney representing individuals with physical, mental health, and/or cognitive impairments.  You will learn the practical tools and techniques needed to deliver excellent client service.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Set the stage for a trusting attorney-client relationship from the beginning

  2. Empathize with dignity and respect

  3. Be mindful and adaptable to meet your client's needs and accessibility issues

  4. Examine and navigate ethical and privacy obligations

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