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E-Discovery: What You Need to Know to Comply with Your Obligations in Litigation, Protect Your Client, and Obtain the Information to Win Your Case

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Produced on June 25, 2017

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Course Information

Time 1h 17m
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Litigation Discovery & E-Discovery

Course Description

In today’s litigation world, understanding e-Discovery is critical to winning your case. E-Discovery is the foundation for a successful litigation. It is a crucial part of the litigator’s overall discovery plan needed to effectively pursue or defend your case. An effective litigator needs to understand how to obtain, protect, and utilize e-Discovery. This program will teach you how to do all of that, and more. This course, presented by experienced international litigator Jay Safer, will explore what you need to know to make the right and best decisions regarding e-Discovery. It will define what e-Discovery is in this electronic and digital age, and discuss your opportunities to seek important relevant information, as well as the obligations required of you as an attorney. Understanding the intricacies of e-Discovery will allow you to better advise your clients and be prepared in any litigation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss how to issue litigation holds and document preservation notices, how to work with your client to avoid possible sanctions, and the latest requirements under the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  2. Understand what is necessary to comply with state court obligations
  3. Identify what e-Discovery is customary in litigation in various countries around the world, and what to expect in U.S. and international arbitration
  4. Identify how to retrieve and obtain e-Discovery in your litigation, and common pitfalls to avoid
  5. Explore the different available means to search for needed and best documents, along with the programs available to you as a litigator once you have the e-Discovery you requested, and methods for searching through e-Discovery such as predictive coding
  6. Develop best practices regarding the use of contract attorneys, vendors, IT personnel, and litigation support personnel
  7. Consider the costs of e-Discovery and the consequences for your client
  8. Review how to handle ESI issues with your adversary and at court conferences, and what to expect from judges in the courts

This course originally appeared as a part of our June 2017 Bridge the Gap Event.

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Jay Safer

Wollmuth, Maher & Deutsch LLP

Jay G. Safer is a Partner at the law firm of Wollmuth, Maher & Deutsch LLP in New York City. Jay handles complex litigation and arbitration in the United States and abroad. Jay represents clients in matters concerning contracts, antitrust, securities, RICO, qui tam, FCPA, international litigation and arbitration, including application of the New York Convention and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards, banking, financial institutions, corporate governance, technology, privacy, insurance, construction, real estate, labor and employment, product liability, health care, professional ethics, financial, constitutional, and regulatory issues, mediation, class actions, defamation, and media.

He also counsels clients on commercial matters, including protection and preventive measures and pre-litigation analysis. He has represented clients in international litigation, including domestic and foreign clients in courts outside the United States and foreign clients in United States courts. He has represented clients from the United States and around the world in international arbitrations. Jay has served on panels, bench-bar forums, and is a member of committees with judges and attorneys discussing and speaking on a wide range of civil litigation issues, litigation skills, and U.S. and international arbitration and international litigation practice. He has presented numerous programs and seminars on U.S. and international arbitration and litigation to foreign judges, lawyers, and law students visiting the United States and at seminars abroad. He frequently presents webinars and CLE programs to national audiences.

He is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham Law School teaching foreign lawyers on the management of U.S. Litigation, and the role of arbitration and mediation in U.S. Proceedings. Jay was appointed to the advisory group to the New York State Federal Judicial Council consisting of federal and state judges appointed by the Chief Judge of the State of New York and the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Jay was appointed by the Chief Judge of the State of New York to the Commercial Division Advisory Council that advises the Chief Judge and the judiciary on matters involving the Commercial Division of the State of New York.

Jay was appointed by the New York State Chief Administrative Judge to serve on the Advisory Committee on the New York State Civil Practice Law and Rules. Jay is involved in leadership positions in numerous bar associations, including as past and present chair and member of many bar association sections, executive committees, and committees. He has also made appearances on television and authored numerous articles and publications. 


Sherry R.

maybe they would get more from this presenter

Erik G.

Good program. Useful practical material that is generally applicable to all states. Thanks!

Jonathan D.

great speaker! enjoyed his style!

Kenneth V.

Well done.

Luz Y.

this Presenter should be asked about doing advanced level classes. He is very good.

Andrea Kelli H.

Great update on EDiscovery obligations for attorneys. The references on the slides are valuable.

Stephen N.

His grasp of the subject matter was excellent. Very good course.

Aviva Z.

Thank you

Ron V.

Very good course -- provides many practice points for litigators

Courtney P.

Very basic presentation - was hoping for some more indepth discussion. Will look to other courses for more detail.

mary w.

very clear and well organized presentation

Paul D.

Informative introduction to an emerging issue in discovery in both state and federal courts.

Jamey B.

Provided a good overview and outside sources for further development.


Excellent seminar. Every litigation attorney should take this class mandatory, especially commercial litigators.  This attorney instructor knows more about electronic discovery than should be legal to know.

Bruce I.

Great presenter!

Andrew B.

Great speaker!

Shawn O.

Very informative. Went to Sedonaconference.org and downloaded a bunch of materials.

Iris G.

Very informative. Excellent materials and examples.

Kathy M.

Great seminar!

Louise C.

This was extremely helpful and on point for every aspect in this area.

Jonathan C.


Lucia B.

Fantastic content! Very beneficial!

Lee H.

The e-discovery rules are very complex, especially for those of us who are older!! The presentation is very informative, and at a minimum, sort of opens one's eyes to the requirements, the precautions and the practicalities of trying to comply with the rules and get the documents needed to present or defend your case!!! A very informative course!!!

jesse s.


James D L.

I learned I'd hire a technician to help me with e discovery.

john n.

This lecture knew his stuff and communicated it well

Shaun E.

good presenter and materials

eric g.


John J.

Very interesting and helpful.

stephen h.

let me know what I don"t know and the resources to find the answers. Highly recommend.

Geoffrey D.


Harold L.

Good presentation.

William E.

Best course yet.

Patricia L.

The great thing about Jay is that he always teaches you things you didn't know that you didn't know - he's a superstar

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